Bespoke Specials

Whether it’s for an historic reproduction or modern architectural feature, the Coleford range of Bespoke Specials provide the finishing touch

Coleford Bespoke Special Shaped Bricks

Elevate the presence of your project and add a personal touch with the Coleford range of Bespoke Specials. 

Like all our Facing bricks, our bespoke special bricks are hand-thrown by local craftsmen using traditional moulds and techniques.

Our non-standard range is available in a large variety of colours and textures, to match virtually any brick. We excel in the unusual, being fortunate that our clay is conducive to the manufacture of intricate shapes and sizes and can also be dried relatively quickly, giving us the opportunity to respond rapidly to modern customer requirements.

We have an extensive range of non-standard moulds in stock, but if we are supplied with a reasonably accurate drawing or sample we can produce new moulds and usually deliver the finished product within 4 – 6 weeks. If drawings or samples are not available, upon request, we can visit the site to photograph and measure non-standard items and send a dimensioned diagram for client approval.

close up of window frame showing special shaped bricks
Buff coloured bespoke shaped brick example

Coleford Brick & Tile bespoke shaped bricks offers a limitless choice. So let your imagination run wild, historic reproductions or modern architectural features, raise your project above the norm, safe in the knowledge that the specials will be of fine quality and competitively priced.

Coping brick mould
Close up of a bespoke shaped brick
Bespoke shaped brick example
patterned brick pavers
example of large special shaped bricks
Royal Shakespeare Company logo

RSC Rennovation

In early 2006 the RSC began five years of renewal and transformation. Bennetts Associates were responsible for the sensitive restoring of the fine Art Deco elements of Elisabeth Scott’s listed 1932 building and creating the new auditorium along with new public spaces, shops, restaurants and of course the reinstatement of the tower.  
A bespoke blend of Coleford Saxon Red Multi, Wessex Mixture, Burgundy Red and Forest Royal Handmade Facings were used to create a sympathetic match to the existing colours. A wide selection of Bespoke Special shapes were used throughout the design including Radial Specials for internal drum walls and angled face Dog-leg returns for the tower.
Brick sample panel ready for sending to client

Order your Coleford Brick Sample

Loose Bricks or Slip Panels can be requested to help you choose the right colour and texture for your next project.

Brick Matching

Bespoke colour blends, contemporary details or historic reproductions, we like a challenge.

BS Special Shaped Bricks

Available in the Coleford Brick & Tile full range of colours and textures.