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Pre-cast Brick Panels

Imagine a brick with the unmatched looks of a handmade but with the speed and accuracy of a Pre-Cast system.

The majority of pre-cast brick systems on the market today offer a limited choice of brick surface finishes. If you wanted the speed & control of a pre-cast system you were forced to compromise on the finish. Not anymore!

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Coleford are proud to offer pre-cast products, produced using the traditional handmade process, with the all the advantages but none of the compromise.

Available in our entire colour range we can produce all the special shapes, imperial & bespoke size bricks suitable for casting.

Our proven products have been used on many high profile and award winning pre-cast projects throughout the country.

If you are already using pre-cast techniques for your projects the Coleford system offers many cost, efficiency and aesthetic advantages over cutting standard machine made products.

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Removes expensive cutting procedures

Total brick qty reduced, no cutting waste Removal of re-packing & transport costs to and from cutting facility

Quicker delivery schedule, as no additional time required for cutting

Condition of final delivered bricks improved as transport now uninterrupted direct to casting site

Project aesthetics not compromised, final building in traditional handmade brick at similar costs of machine made.

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Slip Bricks

For those projects where the use of real brick is impossible or impractical Coleford slips could provide the answer. Coleford clay slips utilize the same material and manufacturing techniques as our facing bricks.

Contemporary or traditional, brick is still the finish of choice for many architects & developers. Coleford’s slips can be produced in metric, imperial or bespoke sizes in our entire colour range.

A rustic finish is also available in each colour should the project demand the traditional weathered handmade.

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Provide us with details of your project and the type of bond you wish to use. We can provide the correct mixture of stretchers, headers, closers and specials to minimize waste, and give your work the professional touch.

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