Handmade Pavers

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Coleford Pavers utilize the same material and manufacturing techniques as our facing bricks, combining unequaled durability with stunning handmade looks.

There are two standard sizes available in a variety of thicknesses, with bespoke sizes available to order.

The pavers are available in all colours, these colours can be extended further with our bespoke hand blending service.

Paver Sizes

Dimensions (mm)Thickness (mm)
215 x 102.550 to 100
280 x 5050 to 100

Bespoke Sizes Available.

 Coleford Brick Pavers 4
Coleford Brick Pavers 3
Coleford Brick Pavers 6
 Coleford Brick Pavers 5

 Coleford Brick Pavers 2
Coleford Brick Pavers 7

Cobble Pavers

The ‘Cobble Paver’ a new addition to the Coleford Brick & Tile landscaping range. Utilizing the same clay and manufacturing techniques as our facing bricks the ‘Cobble Paver’ will provide the same unequalled durability and unsurpassed visual satisfaction.

The ‘Cobble Paver’ is produced in a standard size, however, bespoke sizes are available to order. The ‘Cobble Paver’ is available in all our distinctive colours, hand blending is also available to extend the colours even further.

Cobble Paver Sizes

Dimensions (mm)Thickness (mm)
200 x 10050
Coleford Brick Pavers Colours

Paver Properties

Compressive strength50N/mm
Water absorption1% (24hr)
Liability to efflorescenceS2
Gross dry density2146kg/m3
Coleford Brick Pavers 1