Handmade BS Specials

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BS Specials

Our range of British Standard shaped bricks are manufactured to BS EN771-1 2014 in accordance with the codes defined in BS 4729 2005.

All are hand thrown using traditional moulds and locally sourced clay. All BS special shaped bricks are available in our full range of colours and textures and will match perfectly our range of standard face bricks.

A Coleford Brick & Tile catalogue listing the shapes and reference codes for each BS brick type is available.

Coleford Brick BS Specials 1

All specials are produced using the same materials and techniques as our facing bricks, this ensures an exact match in colour & texture.


Coleford Brick BS Specials

Brick Properties

Compressive strength50N/mm
Water absorption1% (24hr)
Liability to efflorescenceS2
Gross dry density2146kg/m3
Coleford Brick BS Specials 3
Coleford Brick BS Specials 4

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