Facing Bricks

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Facing Bricks

Whether a building is intended to blend with the landscape or make an independent statement, the choice of colour and texture for handmade facing bricks is vital.

Coleford Facing Bricks offer the ideal way to increase the presence of your project adding mellowness and maturity from day one.

What better way to protect and enhance your investment than by using genuine handmade bricks.

We offer a full range of metric and imperial sized bricks as standard, along with a bespoke service for individual requirements. If your after a more distressed appearance we can apply our ‘Rustic’ finish to the entire colour range. For further information on colours and textures go to the colour range pages.

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For further information on Standard brick sizes and product specifications go to the technical page. All Coleford Bricks are F2 and S2 quality in accordance with BS EN771-1 2014 which makes them suitable for sills, copings and parapet walls etc, when laid in accordance with BS 5628 Part 3 2001.

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Brick Properties

Compressive strength50N/mm
Water absorption1% (24hr)
Liability to efflorescenceS2
Gross dry density2146kg/m3
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