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Standard bricks or bespoke specials we like a challenge.

Whether you’re starting a new project from scratch and wish to compliment the surrounding buildings or you’re adding an extension to an existing property, the selection of the right colours and textures is key.

To make the selection of bricks as simple and stress free as possible, we provide a brick & special matching service. Our experienced, friendly staff will visit your site armed with slip panels and brick samples to advise on colour blends and texture matches. Once colours and textures have been chosen a dry panel of the bespoke blend can be produced at the factory and images set for appraisal. Amendments can be made to the blend remotely and once approved a 60 brick sample can then be forwarded to the site to enable a sample panel to be built using the correct mortar for final approval.

Coleford has a long standing tradition as an accomplished specials producer. In the case of complex specials, if available, a redundant or damaged example can be removed for duplication or photographs and dimensions taken on site. A dimensioned diagram will then be submitted to the client prior to production.

We’re not shy about taking advantage of technological advances. If you have access to a digital camera why not send us some images of the brickwork or specials you wish to match. From these initial images we can suggest possible blends or email you examples of similar work for inspiration.

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Coleford Brick Brick Matching Seconds and Redundant Stock

Seconds & Redundant Stock

Although the majority of brickwork is undertaken using First quality bricks, their application is not always suitable. Perhaps the existing buildings or walls to be matched are rustic or very weathered in appearance. A more distressed brick is required, similar to a re-claim but without the associated supply or quality issues.

As part of the production process we accumulate bricks that are classed as 2nd quality. They are still beautiful bricks but they may fall outside dimensional / shape tolerances or be a slightly different colour shade to that intended. These bricks are ideal for use in rustic applications or unseen areas. We always have 2nd versions of our 1st quality bricks available, these can be factory blended to produce an infinite number of matches, all with an agreed quality standard and reproducibility / availability.

We also have redundant stocks of BS & Bespoke Special shape bricks available. If you need a small quantity of odd shaped Specials to finish a project but have no time to wait for them to be made, send us a photo, we may have just the brick in stock!