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Coleford Brick & Tile has an enviable reputation of producing quality handmade bricks for over 90 years.

Established in 1925, the Coleford brickworks is situated on the site of an old tin plating works. Originally, the majority of the brickworks production was used by the prolific coal mining industry in and around the Forest of Dean. Inevitably the coal was exhausted and the market for the bricks broadened to include the general building industry. Still family owned, it serves this market to this day.

Personal Service

Large or small, standard or bespoke, every order receives the same careful individual attention. Whether you are building the house of your dreams or renovating an historic classic, Coleford provides a service on which you can trust.


All our products are produced using locally sourced clay, indeed the clay pit is visible from the brickyards offices! The clay’s properties are such that all our products are F2 & S2 rated (frost resistant and nil efflorescence), making them a perfect choice for projects that require durable materials or for the developer / restorer that wants their projects to be there to stay!

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Gryphonn Group

Coleford Brick & Tile forms part of the Gryphonn Group of companies. A family owned business established in 1972 initially to produce concrete building blocks, the Gryphonn Group has expanded it’s production facilities and strengthened it’s product portfolio to encompass many aspects of the building products supply chain.

Contained within Gryphonn are three separate working units:

  • Gryphonn Concrete Products
  • Gryphonn Quarries
  • Coleford Brick & Tile


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