Handmade Bricks


COLOUR CHOICE Individual colour or bespoke blends. View Colour Choice BESPOKE SPECIALS Let your imagination run wild View Bespoke Specials FEEL INSPIRED? View our portfolio of finished projects. View Portfolio PAVERS Unequaled durability with stunning handmade looks View Pavers OFFSITE SOLUTIONS Efficiency of pre-cast with the aesthetics of handmade View Offsite Solutions
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Facing Bricks

Offering the ideal way to increase the presence of your project adding mellowness and maturity.

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BespokeĀ Specials

Our non-standard range is available in a large variety of colours and textures, to match virtually any brick.

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BS Specials

All British Standard special shaped bricks are available in our full range of colours and textures and will match our face bricks.

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Utilise the same material and manufacturing techniques as our facing bricks.

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Floor Tiles

Our Tiles offer a unique alternative to paving slabs for patio areas and give an ideal solution to the transition into gardens.

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Brick Matching

One of the most important services we perform, Standard bricks or Specials.

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Tech Info & Sizes

Product specifications plus imperial, metric and bespoke size details.

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Off-site Solutions

Pre-cast brick units and brick tile cladding.

Why Handmade Bricks?

No machine made product can match the beauty of a genuineĀ handmade brick. Whether a building is intended to blend with the landscape or make an independent statement, the choice of colour and texture for facing bricks is vital. Equally, extreme care must be taken when commissioning specials for historical reproduction or modern architectural features. With sound design, suitably matched bricks and the employment of experienced tradesmen, the exterior of a building should project to passers bye a statement of its attractiveness and sheer presence. Genuine handmade bricks exude these qualities effortlessly. Coleford Brick & Tile is a family owned business with an 80 year old commitment to quality and personal service. All our products are hand thrown by local craftsmen using traditional moulds and locally sourced clay. This enables us to make facing bricks, British standard specials and bespoke products of exceptional strength and durability, unequalled by any other British Handmade.
Coleford Brick Brickmould and Wire
Coleford Brick Handmade Brick Throw

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